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How we will help

I know you might be wondering what exactly does this entail? Our coordinates and dedicated team is here to get a better insight into who you really are and what you truly desire. How can you truly seek out another person without knowing the inner workings of yourself first? Once we get a deeper understanding of who you are, we will then be able to provide guidance. Our advice is curated and focused on your needs as well as your wants. No question is ever stupid: remember that. Everything from needing advice on how to dress or even starting a simple conversation with the opposite sex can be covered during a session. Think of us as your relationship therapist— always willing and ready to help!

What you get with your session…
  • Book a session when you need one or book a few in advance
  • 1 hour session with Alinda — your head matchmaker and LOVE Guru
  • Alinda personal line
  • 10 minutes of inflight coaching with every session, have a question shoot Alinda a text.

$ 250.00 1 hour

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