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Our Kesley Club mixers are unique in their design as they are created to cater to both men and women’s needs. No more headaches dealing with flakey time-wasters or indecisive partners. Your interest comes first when selecting the right person for you. Are you someone who is flirtatious, a risk taker? Or are you more of a shy and calculated person? Regardless of your preference (or lack thereof), our experts are trained to thoroughly evaluate the perfect person for you!

This is an event just for you and a room of about 10 women…
  • We setup a cocktail hour (2-3 hours) for you and about 10 lucky ladies that fit your likes, loves and desires.
  • You meet them all at once
  • You pick out 5 women to have a one-on-one convo with each
  • Then you pick out 3 women and take them individually on a date
  • …The rest is history…

$ 25,000.00 $ 19,999.00 8 hours

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